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Flooring Installation

Installing your new floors and rugs

One of the most important aspects of selecting a new floor is the installation process. Many factors play into determining the best installation method for installing your new flooring, including:

  • The type of floor you choose
  • The shape and dimensions of your space
  • The difficulty of installing

Some types of flooring make for very easy DIY projects – others may require certain specialized equipment or technical skills which you may not possess. In the latter cases, a professional installation team will be required to complete the job.

As we expand the site, we’ll be adding installation guides below. Until then, you can consult with Znet’s flooring experts to help you find the right solution and you can even refer to our regularly updated blog's "Install Tips" category for more information!

Hardwood Flooring Installation
Hardwood Installation

Hardwood flooring can go one of two ways. Choosing certain engineered wood planks can make for a DIY project. Other types of solid hardwood can be a very extensive, difficult installation job.

Laminate Flooring Installation
Laminate Installation

Laminate flooring is one of the easiest installations to tackle on your own, thanks to new innovations in the way these products are constructed. However, if you’d rather leave the work to a pro, you can expect the job to get done properly very quickly!

Vinyl Flooring Installation
Vinyl Installation

The installation methods for vinyl tile or plank vary just as much as the many sizes, styles and shapes available in this versatile flooring material. Guarantee the results you want by hiring a professional for your installation.