LUXURY VINYL Flooring Installation


Vinyl Flooring Installation

Your guide and tips for installing vinyl

Vinyl flooring is one of the industry’s greatest technological achievements of late. It’s sturdy, beautiful, affordable, and incredibly easy to install – even for DIY’ers! If you’re looking for a first-time flooring DIY project, you can tackle vinyl using the manufacturer instructions right out of the box!

However, if you want to ensure that your floors are installed safely and properly, we always recommend hiring a professional installer to do the job for you. Experienced pros will know the proper methods, underlayment adhesives and seaming required for your particular floor.

Tips to remember while shopping for vinyl

  • Ask your provider about professional installation. Because the Znet shopping experience is online, we don’t have installers of our own – but we’re happy to help you locate a local team you can trust!
  • Handle the details of the installation ahead of time – do you need to remove flooring yourself? Move furniture? Acclimate your floors?

Prepping for installation day

  • Take care of any needed repairs and cleaning for your subfloor as determined by your installer
  • If you're also installing new cabinetry, do so prior to flooring being laid – your vinyl floors will be laid around cabinetry, rather than underneath, to save time and money
  • When purchasing laminate from Znet, be sure to inspect it when it arrives! Any damage or defects should be reported to us as soon as possible
  • Based on your installer’s instructions, clear the room of all furniture and appliances, as well as any other additional items discussed ahead of time

What to expect during and after installation

  • Be prepared for some disruption to your usual routine – vinyl flooring installation usually takes only a day, depending on the scope of the job
  • Your installers may need access to storage or power supply – this should be discussed ahead of time
  • Your installer will provide you with instructions for care, maintenance and cleaning of your new floors. Be aware of warranty information.

Enjoy your new vinyl floors from Znet Flooring!